2024 National Medicaid|Medicare|CHIP
Oral Health Symposium

May 5-7, 2024

Conference Venue

Belle Haven Country Club

6023 Fort Hunt Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22307

(703) 329-1448

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Host Hotel

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The Alexandrian Hotel

480 King Street
Old Town Alexandria, Virginia 22314

(703) 549-6080

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This continuing education activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) through joint efforts between the American Dental Association and the Medicaid-CHIP State Dental Association. The American Dental Association is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. The American Dental Association designates this activity for 11.5 credit hours continuing education credits.

Professional Development

The Center for Quality, Policy, and Financing
Martha Dellapenna, Center Director

Division of Professional Development
To increase awareness, knowledge, and competency among key
Medicaid and CHIP constituencies focusing on:

Oral Health
Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Programs & Policies
Dental Public Health

Current Projects of the Professional Development Division

In addition to project execution, The Division will continue to consider various avenues for communicating with members and stakeholders as well as opportunities for professional
development for state Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Program staff.
MSDA-Sponsored Webinars:  MSDA sponsors three professional development webinars annually. View professional development webinars. View the webinars here.
MSDA-CMS Collaboration:
  • MSDA is co-branding the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Learning Labs (Learn more here), which focuses on advancing state Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health program activities. MSDA staff actively participates in planning, developing and orchestrating  Learning Labs with the CMS Dental Team. 
  • In 2011, CMS requested all state Medicaid dental programs submit a Medicaid State Dental Action Plan. To assist states in this effort, MSDA created a user-friendly template that CMS has approved. Download the MSDA State Dental Action Plan. MSDA provides technical support to state Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health programs in the development of State Dental Action Plans
  • MSDA collaborates with CMS on the CMS Oral Health Technical Advisory Group (OHTAG). Marty Dellapenna, MSDA Center Director, is the current OHTAG Chair (June 2013). Mary Foley, MSDA Executive Director, provides regular MSDA updates.
The Virginia Dental Association Project:  MSDA and the Virginia Dental Association have partnered to seek grant funding for an oral health campaign aimed at Medicaid covered children and their families as well as the dentists in Virginia.  This year-long project has included a review of current related activities in states as well as extensive research of the VA Medicaid population. Focus group sessions of both consumers and dentists have also been conducted in Virginia.  The next phase of the project will be completed in the summer of 2013 and will entail writing a grant proposal for project support to be submitted to at least three potential funders.
Journal Articles Publication:  The Professional Development Division developed a 2011 MSDA Symposium Proceedings document after several months of work by a special subgroup. The final document was distributed to MSDA Membership in April 2013.  The Journal publication has subsequently been printed and will be distributed to participants at the 2013 Symposium and is also available on this site.
MSDA 2014 Webinar Series

2014 Webinar #1: Integrating a Caries Disease Management Model into Medicaid Programs

 March 26, 2014

  - Mary Foley, RDH, MPH
  - Martha Dellapenna, RDH, MEd

2014 Webinar #2: To Be Announced

MSDA 2013 Webinar Series

2013 Webinar #1: Back to Basics: Linking Program Activity to
Quality Measures

 March 27, 2013
  - Lynn Douglas Mouden, DDS, MPH
  - Mary E. Foley, RDH, MPH
  - Donna Balaski, DMD

2013 Webinar #2: Advancing Quality and Program Effectiveness through Performance Measurement
MSDA Webinar on DQA Performance Measures

November 13, 2013
  - Krishna Aravamudhan, BDS, MS
  - Jill Herndon, PhD
  - W. Ken Rich, DMD
  - Martha Dellapenna, RDH, MEd

MSDA 2012 Webinar Series

2012 Webinar #1: Financing Oral Health Care for Medicaid & CHIP
Beneficiaries: Program Models States are Using

 February 29, 2012
  - Linda Altenhoff, Texas
  - Daniel Plain, Virginia
  - Martha Dellapenna, Rhode Island
  - Mary E. Foley, Presenter & Facilitator

2012 Webinar #2: Defining Quality in Oral Health Care Delivery System

 September 12, 2012
 Speaker: Robert Compton, DDS
MSDA 2011 Webinar Series
2011 Webinar #1: Oral Health- Dentistry 101: A Basic Course for
Program Administrators and Policy Makers

 February 23, 2011
  - Martha Dellapenna, RDH, MEd
  - Mary E. Foley, RDH, MPH

2011 Webinar #2: Medicaid and CHIP: A Basic Course for Program
Administrators and Policy Makers

 May 4, 2011
 Speaker: Christine Farrell, RDH, BSDH, MPA

2011 Webinar #3: How Title V & Public Health Programs Can
Leverage Medicaid and CHIP Resources

 August 31, 2011
  - Cathy Coppes, BA
  - Kathryn Dolan, RDH, MEd