2024 National Medicaid|Medicare|CHIP
Oral Health Symposium

May 5-7, 2024

Conference Venue

Belle Haven Country Club

6023 Fort Hunt Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22307

(703) 329-1448

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Host Hotel

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The Alexandrian Hotel

480 King Street
Old Town Alexandria, Virginia 22314

(703) 549-6080

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This continuing education activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) through joint efforts between the American Dental Association and the Medicaid-CHIP State Dental Association. The American Dental Association is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. The American Dental Association designates this activity for 11.5 credit hours continuing education credits.

Data | Analytics


The Center for Quality, Policy and Financing
Martha Dellapenna, Center Director

Division of Data and Analytics
To establish and maintain a 50 state registry of core Medicaid/CHIP dental program
infrastructure and capacity.

To collect and maintain an online database of state Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Program data.

2023 All-State Medicaid Dental Program Benefits Report  
Current Projects of the Quality & Data Division

Annual Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Program Survey Questionnaire

The first annual MSDA National Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Program Survey Questionnaire was conducted in 2012.  The Survey Questionnaire is comprised of over 51 questions. All 50 state Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Programs plus the District of Columbia participate with MSDA in responding to the Survey Questionnaire. This survey tool is used to develop and publish the MSDA National Profile of State Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Programs.  

National Profile of State Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Programs

  View the National Profile website  

MSDA's National Profile of State Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Programs is an online resource that catalogues national, regional and state Medicaid and CHIP oral health program information and data. The MSDA Profile maintains current information relative to state policy, financing and program administration.  The MSDA Profile is the first of its kind to report specific state-level Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health program information.

2018 National Survey of State Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Programs is underway.  FY2017 Program data will be published in late 2018 and early 2019.

New in 2019: MSDA's 2019 National Profile will include CMS-416 Reports with charts and graphs for programmatic analysis and use in PowerPoint presentations.  MSDA has collaborated with the DentaQuest Partnership tand Thinkbean facilitate this enhanced qualitative and quantitative online resource.
Dental Quality Alliance (DQA)

2018 Update:  MSDA is no longer a member of the Dental Quality Alliance. 

The Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) was established by the American Dental Association in response to CHIPRA, to develop performance measures for oral health care delivery.

MSDA participates in the Dental Quality Alliance.  MSDA and the DQA support the use of the AHRQ Domain Framework for program improvement and quality measurement by state Medicaid and CHIP oral health programs. Learn more about the development of quality measures for state Medicaid and CHIP dental programs.
2018 - 2019 MSDA Dental Sealant Quality Workgroup
The Medicaid|Medicare|CHIP Services Dental Association (MSDA) is the national membership organization representing all state Medicaid and CHIP Oral Health Program administrators, policy makers, contract vendors, researchers and dental providers who share a common goal of improving the oral health of Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries. Our collective efforts explore and test quality-driven, value-based innovative strategies that advance knowledge and competency among those at the forefront of policy development, program administration and service delivery. As subject matter experts in government-related systems of oral healthcare delivery, we have an interest in assuring that quality measures designed for dentistry in general are specified in a manner that will deliver consistent results when used to measure program and plan access and performance. 

MSDA leadership is convening this group to enhance and advance the work of the Dental Quality Alliance. the workgroup will:
1) Identify one or more research question(s) needed by state Medicaid Programs to assess the performance of health plans/dental providers;
2) review current DQA dental sealant measure(s);
3) identify specific problems associated with current sealant measures;
4) identify potential solutions and/or pathways to solutions;
5) determine need for a new quality dental sealant measure; and 6) determine future role for this workgroup.

Workgroup Participants 
1 Sarah Finne, DDS MSDA President |New Hampshire Medicaid 
2 Scott Cashion, DDS MSDA Vice President| AAPD & North Carolina 
3 Leon Bragg, DDS MSDA Immediate Past President & Former Oklahoma Medicaid 
4 Bonnie Stanley, DDS MSDA Secretary/Treasurer- New Jersey Medicaid 
5 Donna Jones, DMD MSDA Board-Massachusetts Medicaid 
6 Pixie Needham MSDA Board-Washington State Medicaid 
7 Heather Miller MSDA State Member-Iowa Medicaid 
9 Stacy Torrance Arcora
10 Lynn Mouden, DDS Avesis
11 Jim Couch DDAR
12 Jimmy Anthony DDAR
13 Nance Orsbon, VP Delta Dental of South Dakota
14 Linda Vidone< DMD DentaQuest
15 Mark Doherty, DMD DentaQuest Institute
16 Kevin Thomas Elevate
17 Brian Bastecki, DDS Envolve
18 Linda Altenhoff, DDS MCNA
19 DeDe Davis MCNA
20 Shirley Spader Skygenusa
21 Paul Sheils P&R Dental Strategies
22 Ty Hamilton P&R Dental Strategies
23 Joseph Errante, DDS Previser
24 Natalia Chalmers, DDS FDA
25 Amy Martin, DrPH Medical University of South Carolina
26 Mary Foley, MPH MSDA Staff
27 Marty Dellapenna, MEd MSDA Staff